So I figured this might be a good way for people who say “You never write, you never call!” (and they are right, by the way, but more on the whys later) to find out what is happening, who is doing what, where my life is headed, etc.  I also dabble in writing so I was told that I should start a blog to exercise my skills (such as they are) and get feedback.

 I have one son, the light of my life, who is 9 going on 18.  Interchangeably sweet and surly, funny and fresh, cute and craggly (know how they are when their big teeth start coming in?).  He is completely obsessed with Star Wars, Legos, Xiaolin Showdown (I know I spelled that wrong), chicken nuggets (hey, I buy the all white meat, no trans fat ones), pasta and orange soda (strictly limited).  He has a mild form of Asperger’s which doesn’t “require” any help from the school (of COURSE not!) but will be getting some private counseling as soon as I can find someone appropriate.

 I do have a husband, although I refer to myself as a single parent with a live paycheck.  He does what he can but the Asperger’s came from somewhere and – guess what? – it ain’t me!  Our relationship is aptly described as a rollercoaster and unfortunately this one went slightly off the tracks a while ago and the repair people are MIA.  You will hear a LOT about him……

I am technically a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) but I work – or I did until a fire in an adjacent building in May – at a meal assembly kitchen.  I am also a Demonstrator for Stampin’ Up! which is only the BEST rubber stamp company in the world.  (They make us say that – NOT!)  I am also a fledgling life coach, mainly helping people recover from crappy relationships (no one start with that cobbler’s kid line, K?).  You will be hearing about these aspects of my life.  I am still searching for my “purpose” in life and my biggest fear is that I will discover it the day before I die.

My parents are alive and well, mostly, (mostly well, not mostly alive), I have two successful, handsome brothers, (the youngest one got all the best genes AND he is my parents’ favorite but I still love him), assorted nieces and nephews, all cute.  Hmmmm, no pets, YET.  DH (“dear husband” or “d*!k head” depending on the circumstances) claims he is allergic to cats (he also claims he has “terrible” scoliosis but an MRI was clear) and thinks big dogs belong outside, all the time, and hates small dogs.  DS (“dear son”) doesn’t like rodent-y things and fish can’t cuddle so I am out of luck.

We have a house which I hate (not my style, no storage) on a piece of land that we love (surrounded by trees, but I can scream for help and get people’s attention) in the metrowest area of Massachusetts.  (And, yes, Massachusetts is as bad as it sounds.)  DH keeps trying to convince me to move “somewhere else” but can’t specify where. (Great plan, huh?)  I am too close to my family (did I mention he was raised by wolves?) to move farther away than a couple hour car ride so we tolerate our environs……..for now.

Enough history – it’s boring!  Hopefully through this blog I will be able to entertain you, educate you (on the few topics I know about), enlighten you to another’s perspective and otherwise keep the few who are interested up to date.

 Stay cool and more later……..Bren