I am a fortyish, overtired, overweight “with a pretty face” (or so they tell me), married mother of one living in Massachusetts.  I am also a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, meal assembly kitchen manager, sorta kinda life coach to a few, diagnosed with anxiety issues (isn’t almost everyone, really?), creative, wacky, compassionate, sensitive, slightly nutty, a Gemini (did I mention that I was a little nutty), mostly happy, often frustrated, not all in that order on any given day.

I like to write (well, I like to talk and writing is the same thing but with more typos) and after hitting Umpteen on the “You-should-have-a-blog”-o-meter, I am starting one.  Who knows?  This could end in a week or you might see me on Good Morning America (who else misses Charlie?) defending a position or signing a book deal (HAH!).

 Enjoy and please feel free to share!